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I acknowledge there are no refunds issued once my Plan has been delivered. I acknowledge that My French trip is unable to amend my Plan once it has been delivered. It is recommended you book no more than 2 months out from your trip for the most up to date recommendations and the inclusion of any relevant exhibitions or special events. Please note My French Trip is responsible for recommendations and NOT reservations or ticketing. Otherwise, reservations and ticketing for any restaurants, tours, sites are the responsibility of the client. I understand that my Plan will be up to date and as accurate as possible at the time it is delivered. I understand that unexpected closures do happen. I understand that my Plan will include recommendations that were prepared for me personally. In purchasing this Plan, I agree to not reproduce, copy, distribute, re-promote the content as my own intel or share the work product with anyone other than myself + those joining me on my trip to Paris. In placing my order I agree that I understand and accept the Terms of My French Trip and the aforementioned Fine Print.
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